My Tourism Project with National Geographic will focus on Nigerian Culture and Traditional Religion –Jubilian Ngaruwa


The ravages of time has almost wrecked the invaluable and countless traditional religions in Nigeria. As a country with Nearly 365 tribes, each with a rich cultural heritage and religion, Nigeria has faced years of cultural degradation.

My project with National geographic focuses on the art of knowing, preserving and enhancing the Nigerian culture through traditional religion – a focus on Osun of Southwest Nigeria, Amadioha of Eastern Nigeria, and Bori of the Northern part of Nigeria.

This is a documentary film told through the lens of two Nigerians on their way to finding their roots and identity through traditional religion.

When one culture begins to demonize the religion of another, identities are overshadowed and forgotten, as seen with the colonization of Nigeria.

Our language, dance, fabrics, our ways of living, all have links and roots to our ancestral past which in itself cannot be separated by our modes of worship.

Our culture and tradition run the risk of going extinct if we do not retain these distinct features of local religion in Nigeria. And this calls for our attention.

The aim of this project is to create a sustainable co-habitation of multi religion in Nigeria without one having the fear slander.

Jubilian Ngaruwa

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