Abia State

National War Museum

The National War Museum, Umuahia, the Abia State capital has the highest collection of the Nigerian civil war weapons that are no longer in use. The weapons are from both the Nigerian military and defunct Biafra.

Azumini Blue River

Azumini is a town in Abia state. It is located some 15 miles south of the commercial city of Aba. It is famous for the Blue River and ancient slave trade route through the blue river commonly known in local dialet as Mini- Okigo.

The Akwete Fabric Weaving

Akwete cloth is a unique hand woven fabric of Igbo women of Akwete in Abia State, Nigeria. The fabric was originally referred to as “Akwa Miri” (Cloth of the water)

1929 Aba Women Riot

The “riots” or the war, led by women in the provinces of Calabar and Owerri in southeastern Nigeria in November and December of 1929, became known as the “Aba Women’s Riots of 1929” in British colonial history.

JuJu Shrine of Arochukwu

The Ibini Ukpabi was an oracle of the Aro Confederacy of what is now south eastern Nigeria. It was known among the British as the ‘Long Ju-ju

Ojukwu Bunker

The bunker which was a vital part of the Biafran leadership strategy to win the Nigerian civil war between 1967 and 1970