…said to be 800 years old and reached by 442 steps with spectacular views overlooking the new town of Idanre. The Owa’s Palace has a fine courtyard with carved figures and doors.


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Ondo State the only state in Nigeria blessed with the highest coast line has several tourists’ centers whose historical and artistic values are unparalleled.


One of such tourist attractions is Idanre Hill in Idanre town. The town is divided into into the new settlement which is at foot of the hills, and Oke Idanre the old settlement on top of the hills.


It is a marvelous Tourist attraction with location of about 24 Kilometers Southwest of Akure the State capital. The Hill consist of about 640 steps, there are also 5 resting posts along the steps to the top. At the top there is an intriguing footprint which is widely believed to enlarge or contract to accommodate every foot. It is well believed that anybody whose foot does not exactly fit into the footprint is considered to be a witch or wizard.


Idanre Hill consists of high plain with spectacular valleys of about 3,000ft above sea level. Its physical attributes include Owa’s palace, Shrines, Old Court, Belfry, Agboogun footprint, thunder Water (Omi Aopara)


It also has diverse and variegated eco-systems of flora and fauna. Idanre Hill contains very important bio-physical and land form features. It is one of the most awesome and beautiful natural landscapes in Ondo State and Nigeria.


Added to its beauty which fires human curiosity is the fact that the entire people of Idare lived on these borders for almost a millennium.


Festivals make the site a living tradition. For example, the Ogun festival which is partly celebrated on top of the Hills during October, and Ife festival which spread over a period of 7 days.


Apart from the festivals, the Flora and Fauna of the hills are also unique. There is a special specie of tailless animal called Hyrax. Monkeys are also sported near Orosun hills. The hill also serves as home to a group of Bats and the people hold a unique festival of Bats every year.


Idanre Hill also plays host to a group of Scientists and field researchers. It is also used by film-makers as location for many of their films. In addition Nobel price winner for Literature in Africa Prof. Wole Soyinka wrote his longest poem titled “Idanre and Other Poems”.


If you want a “Hilly” experience, then Idanre Hill, Ondo State Nigeria is the place to be.