Badagry local govt. honours tourism stakeholders for promoting location as a tourist destination


The Badagry local government has presented certificate to tourism stakeholder in the region in honour of their effort for promoting it as a tourist destination in the country.

According to the Supervisor for Environment and Tourism, Hon. Samson Nunayon Apata, the event was hosted in conjunction with his counterparts, Hon. Akojenu Emmanuel, Supervisor for Agriculture and Social, Hon. Sunday Gbewa Supervisor for Budget, Tourism Officer of the Local Government, Miss Oke Kehinde with other prominent tourism stakeholders in Badagry.

The event which took place at the Badagry Local Government conference office stimulated suggestions which can positively drive Badagrians in aspect of welfare and unemployment.

Honourable Apata said “Tourism is passion driven and could only thrive if the stakeholders join and support the government to make it grow”. Honourable Achibe also spoke about his experience and how tourism can promote sustainable income to our community.

The stakeholders also urged the government to put in measures to encourage tourism promoters in Badagry to do more in the sector.

The chief host, Honourable Onilude Olusegun, Chairman Badagry Local Governmemt, who was away on an official assignment, thanked his guests through his supervisors. He assured them that he is welcome to suggestions for the growth of Badagry Local Government and Badagrians.

Onilude recognizes the continuous efforts of stakeholders in promoting the destination Badagry, and promised a profitable partnership that will lead to a more workable tourism sector in the region.

The recipients of the certificate include:

1, Ijinla Arts & Tours
2, African Renaissance Foundation
3, African Coconut Heritage Initiative (AgunkeFest)
4, Jinuset Travels & Tours
5, MyBadagry MyFuture
6, Leo Se – Afrik
7, Itravels & Tours
8, BadagryPrime Newspaper
9, Citymood Communications
10, BadagryOnline TV
11, BadagryOnline Radio
12, Daddysax & his Trado Jazz Group
13, Ajumn Badagry Chapter
14, Amb. Podo Sedegla Sunday (Mighty Pen)
15, Prince Yomi Ajose (TACNET)
16, Babatunde Ajose (DCOB)
17, Prince Babatunde Mobee
18, Adara Nunayon Avoseh
19, Anago James Akeem Osho Adventures
20, Badagry Citi-Tour
21, Atlantique Voyage & Tours
22, Beauty From Africa Media Concept – Organizers of the most famous beauty pageant Miss Tourism Badagry International.


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