Nigeria: A rural hotel in Ogun State planted cameras inside air conditioners in rooms and got busted by a guest


A hotel located in a rural settlement in the western region of Nigeria is setting the internet abuzz after guests who lodged at the property discovered hidden cameras in their rooms.

According to recent updates, by the Tourism Federation in Nigeria, Pavillion Hotel located in Aiyepe, a town in Ijebuland in Ogun State, had installed hidden cameras in all the rooms of the hotel.

The cameras, subtly embedded into the air conditioning units were discovered by an actor, who was part of the cast and crew on set of a movie and Stayed in the Hotel.

The actor whose face was not seen in the video which has been trending online, can be seen holding four cameras, while he proceeded to identify and remove a fifth one.

According to him, the four previous cameras were allegedly removed from the rooms of family members who were with him.

Meanwhile According to NHA, Chief Timi, Chairman of Ogun chapter of Nigeria Hotel Association has confirmed that the matter is under investigation by the Association and the State Government as the matter is in the public domain.

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