Nigerian Aviation Company, Ibom Air uplifted 500,000 Passengers in 609 days


Despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on airlines’ operations globally, Nigeria’s startup carrier, Ibom Air says it has airlifted its 500,000th passenger since commencement of commercial services on 7 June 2019.

According to Chief Operating Officer, George Uriesi, in a press release he said: “we are very pleased to record this key milestone of 500,000 passengers.

Although we would have clocked this number around November of last year but for the three and a half months Covid-19 lockdown, still, it is an indication of steady customer uptake, and validation of our services. We are most thankful to our customers for believing in us and continuing to rely on our unique proposition of schedule reliability, on-time departures, and excellent service. As we continue to grow apace, we are determined to continue to deliver on our customers now very high expectations”.

Ibom Air, which is owned by the Akwa Ibom State Government, has quickly established a reputation for on-time performance and excellent service in the market. It is the only domestic Airline in Nigeria that publishes its schedule reliability and on-time performance statistics monthly. The airline has consistently maintained above 90% performance since inception. It operates daily flights between Uyo, Lagos, Abuja, Calabar and Enugu.

In January, Ibom Air recorded an on-time performance of 94% with 716 scheduled flights and 93% schedule reliability.

The airline has continue to maintain its impressive performance in the sector, with released statistics which showed that of 716 scheduled flights, it operated 694 flights of which 668 flights were on schedule while 650 of those flights were on time performances.

Just on February 1st, the airline introduced a Customer Loyalty Program- the ‘Ibom Flyer’ giving customers the chance to get rewarded for their continuous loyalty to the Ibom Air brand.

Also, Ibom Air won the 2020 Airline of the year award for its exceptional operational performance in the aviation industry, according to the organisers of the famous Travellers Award.

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