…with the longest cable car ride in Africa as well as a unique aerial walkway (through the cloud) forest.


(By Austin Jacobson.)

The team made a stop-over at the Agbokim Water Falls, one of the greatest natural heritage that this country has been endowed with.

The Agbokim Water Falls is situated on a hill top with a channel of seven different rivulets that lead and form the falls. Deep down the falls are natural forests with mangroves which surround the falls and make the environment serene and peaceful.

Obudu Mountain Resort is a paradise in Nigeria, starting from the unpolluted fresh air, the chilled weather that can be compared to winter period in Europe.

One interesting thing about the Obudu Resort is the feeling of walking in the cloud, especially in the morning and evening when one sees the cloud hovering within one’s touch.

For those who are inclined towards the supernatural, it brings the feeling of being close to one’s creator.

Obudu is a place where one can easily find pure natural milk and honey. The cattle of Obudu ranch produce the milk. Despite its cold nature, the place produces pure honey. There is even a honey factory in the ranch and a much nurtured cow named Donald Duke.

According to Edwin, one of the tour guides working in the resort, the weather at the resort can often get so cold that the visibility within the resort will go very low.

For nature lovers, Obudu offers one of the most naturally preserved nature reserves called the Becheve Nature Reserve Obudu Plateau that is supervised by the Nigerian Conservative Foundation (NCF).

In the plateau, there is the 60 metres canopy walk way, Leventis tree platform for birds and watching pen tree groove where monkeys could be seen jumping from one tree to another.

One cannot leave Obudu Mountain Resort without taking a ride on the cable car. The Cable is the longest in the world from one point to another. It moves in the air like an airplane, but glides downwards, making it look like it is descending.

From Obudu, the team moved to Alok, a historic community in Cross River, where we have the stone heads, otherwise called the Monoliths. The stone heads are placed in an open museum and it connotes the historical background of the people in the early days of civilization.