Nigeria: The Holy Mountain experience at Obudu and its spiritual tourism potential


I once watched a scene from the ‘Gulder Ultimate Search’ hosted on Obudu hills years ago before the Big Brother pandemic arrived our screens.

One of the finalists sat at the edge of the Holy Mountain and wondered why such a beautiful place is unknown to most Nigerians.

People come here for prayers and meditation. It is believed that prayers get answered here.

When we did the fam trip in November we went there for prayers. By the next morning we had 3 testimonies from our team members. When we got to Calabar someone whispered to me that his prayers on the hills were answered.

I have gone to the wailing walls of Jerusalem and I have heard about the Ori Okes(The famous prayer mountains all over South Western Nigeria) which are actually hills or rocks and not mountains.

Many stories come out of the encounters at the mountain.
Outside the spiritual and the meditative environment, the tourism and aesthetics power of this location is enchanting.

I stood there for a long time and I said my prayers and plans for 2021 and I enjoyed the allures of the enchanted highland.

I found out that the side facing the Cataract waterfall is the Windward side and very cold. The other side is the Leeward side and warmer.

I also noticed that the mountains on the Cameroonian side has trees while the Holy Mountain has a green carpet of lush grasses. I do not know the reason for the difference in timberline but the beauty is unparalleled.

I made a Video just to entice you.
I watched some cows performing magic on one of the hills.

A facebook post by Mr Ikechi Uko

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  1. Brain Udoiwud
    24 Nov 2022 08:12:04 Reply

    I have a lead to have a retreat on a mountain and as I searched the web I just read about the holy mountain in obudu cross river state now , I want to have contact with officials that can help me book for a retreat at the holy mountains the week.

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