Nigeria: Osummanu Farm and Resorts brings Agro Tourism to Anambra State


Anambra State is hugely blessed with natural, cultural and historical assets. This indeed is why Anambra is strategic in the tourism landscape of the South Eastland province. There are many exciting resorts, sites, monuments and locations but one rings a bell to me – that is Osummanu Farms and Resort Ltd.

I visited the farm and resort on 30th of December, 2020 and was warmly shown a 5-Star hospitality by the CEO Engr Ben Nwachukwu Egeonu a well-rounded Oil and Gas technocrat. He is a strong believer in the saying that Oil and Gas is not sustainable but tourism is and always will. According to Engr Ben Nwachukwu Egeonu the farms and resort is a good example of Ecotourism and Agrotourism. He told an interesting story of how the facility started. He escorted a friend to check out his trap and saw heap of leaves on the ground and below the leaves were fish of all sizes in the mud. He saw that the place had enough water and will hold throughout the year.

The idea of fish farming was birthed and he followed it up with investment in fish farming estate. About 50 ponds are usually covered with water in September and October yearly because it’s the lowest part of Ogbaru LGA. The fish pond turned out productive and metamorphosed to a resort for people to visit and savour their wonderful delicacy and enjoy other recreational and health facilities on offer. Event hall, a gym was incorporated, beautiful estate (guest rooms), an Obi a mini palace was also incorporated as a place for exclusive moments and meetings.

Osummanu Farms and Resort is a work in progress as we are looking to develop a lake to replicate the Argungu Fishing Festival. This is the future and final direction of what the facility holds. Security in the facility is top notch because it is protected naturally by the swamp. The only land access to the resort is the entrance from Atani road. The most interesting aspect of this project is that it is at the heart of the community who are predominantly fishermen and farmers. It simply means that they have a sense of belonging and part ownership of the project.

The CEO pointed out that they have a good relationship with the Nigeria Police Force and the Community Vigilante that respond promptly once the need arises but effort is made to keep security away from the view of tourists and tour operators. Osummanu is just beginning according to him. It is legacy that something can be done from nothing. At Osummanu Agrotourism is at work. We are from the team of X-Plore Integrated Services Ltd and we had a very interesting meeting with the management of the resort.

By Louis Nwadialo

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